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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Western MA

The Comical Mystery Tour represents a "New Dimension" in theater. We offer hilarious murder mystery shows that are as interactive as you want them to be. If you want to be a part of it, we'll give you lines or break the fourth wall and include you in a conversation. If you'd prefer to just watch, we'll do our best to make you laugh and enjoy the evening.

Talk about Murder

Paula Prattle, known as the "Mouth that Roared" hosts Let's Talk Talk. A small time talk show that is traveling the countryside trying to get discovered. She is very outspoken and sets off one of her colleagues who decides to cancel her show permanently. Was it Connie Clipboard, the long time servant, I mean employee? Maybe it was Sharon Sharalyque. An author with a love for Healing Crystals, but a dark past. How about Gunther Smallbore. He has an issue that just "bugs" him. The final suspect is Vincenzo St Vitus. The host of Dance Spasm and the owner of a shady back story. Come along for the ride and help us figure out who dunnit.

All our dinner theater shows are fully rehearsed. Although our actors are very experienced, they still need practice.

All of our dinner theater shows are interactive comedies. Participation includes questioning suspects, contests, reading lines or possibly even playing a role.

Our shows are definitely geared towards adult audiences. We walk the line of innuendo and if the audience takes us over, we go with the flow. If there are children present, we check with the parents to make sure they are OK with "going there." Most of the time, the kids get the jokes before the adults or it goes right over their heads. Nothing we do is any worse than anything they can see on television. I would say we are PG 13.

The Comical Mystery Tour's shows are not for everyone. If you want to see a straight laced "who done it", you shouldn't come. If you want to see some flirting, some jokes, some singing and have a lot of laughs, our shows are for you. They have thoughtful humor, but also a lot of slapstick and "in your face" humor. We just want our audience to let go of the thoughts for the day and come along for a ride of laughter with a little intrigue thrown in for kicks. One of the things we like to hear is when someone says "I really didn't think I would like theater, but this was a blast. It wasn't anything like I expected.