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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Western MA

About Our Murdery Mystery Troup

The Comical Mystery Tour has been in production since 1995. We first started when the Wine Cellar Lounge opened at Chandler’s Restaurant in Yankee Candle in South Deerfield MA.

We've had over 60,000 people see our shows over the last 24 years. Whether you want to solve a good mystery or just have a lot of laughs, we are the group to see. There is only one killer and there is always at least one clue that points to the killer. If you come to our show and leave feeling that the clue wasn't clear enough when it is exposed at the end of the show, we want to hear from you. We want these shows to be fun, but also we want them to be fair. Sometimes the clues are obvious and sometimes they are obscure, but they are always there.

Owners Ken and Terry Adams with Katie Adams and fellow actors Lenny and Karen Lynch with Alicia and Taylor Lynch at Zoe's in Easthampton MA. The Comical Mystery Tour's next generation of actresses.

Time flies. 2009 same setup, but they didn't fit in our laps as easily.

We have 2 rules when you come to see one of our shows:

  • Rule #1: Have fun.
  • Rule #2: Pay attention to everything that happens and watch each of the characters to see if you can figure out who done it and if that is too much work, go back to Rule #1.