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Fri, Apr 26
Crestview Country Club

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Western MA

Luck of the Irissssshhh, Sometimes Death is Overdue

Our new show for March and April 2023. We are back and hope to get more venues.

We hope everyone survived the worst of our Covid adventure and are up and running again, like we are. We have started doing shows again. We have a new venue in Acton called Frolic and Detour and are doing shows there every other Saturday. We also have a new venue in Ware and hopefully, will be doing shows there one Monday per month. We are looking for other venues, so if you know of any business that might like to host dinner theater shows, please send them our way or send along their contact info and we will try to get more shows in areas closer to home as well.

Our show running through March and April is called

Luck of the Irissssshhhh, Sometimes Death is Overdue

A selfish Mayor is trying to close down a local Library and gets the book thrown at her.There is a large Irish influx in town, so she is trying to win the Irish votes by converting to being Irish. Not only does that not work, but someone has had enough and she is found in the dead book section. Come along for the ride and help figure out who done it.

Please check out our website, www.thecomicalmysterytour.com or find us on Facebook. While you are there, check our schedule to see if any new shows get booked that you might be able to join. Hopefully, I will keep on top of this and send out an email once every two months letting you know about upcoming shows.

We are truly looking forward to getting back into doing shows and hearing the laughter.